What do we believe about Hillside?

Steve Backlund, who ministered so powerfully to us in November says that what we believe is, most often, more important than what we do – because what we do will consciously and unconsciously flow out of that. At Hillside we have come to believe that:

  • We carry a unique revelation of the kingdom of God in this region
  • We have a powerful culture which has the potential to transform our nation
  • We are equipped to communicate the gospel to our generation
  • We are anointed to heal
  • We are positioned powerfully to influence education in SA
  • We host prophetic voices to the nation
  • We have a task from the Father for this time and season

We need to take ourselves more seriously than we have done in past! In Matthew 28 we are given the great commission to proclaim and represent Jesus, carry his anointing, heal the sick and make disciples of all nations. Making disciples is about including people, making them part of us, a new community. People are not slotted into an organization but included in a family that carries the culture and DNA of heaven. Not a church subculture. 

Culture is supernatural – the Incarnation is the most supernatural thing that ever happened. Jesus opened a door to intimacy- where we connect with God as His family. He told us to love one another – it’s a command that builds a culture. A culture of honor – that calls people up into their destinies. Culture is robust and transformative – as management guru Peter Drucker once said, ” culture eats strategy for breakfast”. We are called to build it and export it, because 2018 is a year where we believe we will bless the nation.

Notes from Richard’s sermon, Sunday January 21 (am). If you missed it you can hear the whole message HERE.