What to expect

We love to have visitors in our Sunday services (at 9 am and 6:10 pm) and we hope that you will have been greeted individually on your way in. During the meeting we may ask you to identify yourself by waving a hand so that we can give you a visitor’s card, which contains a voucher for a free cappuccino or latte at our Cafe Voce.

If no one has said hello to you by the end of the meeting – we are only human and get distracted sometimes 🙂 – please be brave enough to introduce yourself to someone at the visitors table (next to the Cafe Voce, there is a welcome visitors banner) or to one of the leaders/elders after the meeting at the front of the auditorium (especially if you would like prayer for healing). Thank you for joining us.


Our meetings usually run for about an hour and half and include worship, preaching, announcements (which you can also find on the website), breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer. There is no regular order of service (for example, sometimes we preach before worship and often we include family events like baptisms and baby dedications). Hillsider’s are generally sociable and hang around for tea and coffee at the end of the meeting (in the morning) and our coffee shop will also be open until 12.30 pm serving muffins and snacks. In the evening we start with tea and coffee and the worship starts around 6.10 – 6.15 pm.