For the children

We have lots of children at Hillside and so we have put a lot of thought into catering for their specific needs. We like to give families the opportunity to worship together (our kids learn by watching us!) and we love to see children participating in the worship in our main auditorium. We also know that kids like to have their own style of kid-friendly worship too, which we provide in the Vault under Cafe Voce.

In school terms, we provide age-appropriate teaching for children from preschool (2 years) up to Grade 7 during the adult sermon. Their curriculum is specially written to capture the same teaching, heart and ethos that the Hillside leadership team try to impart to the adult congregation, and the Kids’ Ministry team (led by Lorraine Benn) wants to partner with you in ministering to your children.

Because we have a certain flexibility in our order of service, the children go out at different times during the service, so if you are not sure what is happening on any given Sunday, listen out for the announcement of what the kids are doing and when. The Kids’ Ministry Block is found by turning right when you exit through the double doors at the back of the Auditorium (the space is shared with our Little Heroes Pre-school which operates Monday to Friday) and there will always be a supervisory teacher on duty to help you find the right age group for your child.

We also have a comfortably equipped room for Feeding Mothers (only) and one for Accompanied Toddlers (0-2 years +Moms or Dads) which we invite you to use at any time throughout the service (on the right after you exit at the back of the Auditorium). There is a video feed in both rooms, so that you don’t need to feel under pressure if your child is being noisy – you can take them out without missing out on the service! There are also baby changing facilities in both the mens’ and ladies’ bathrooms (which are found across the foyer at the back of the Auditorium).