Our Values


We believe that we live under the smile of good and powerful God, who created us for love and went to the ultimate lengths to set us free to receive and return that love. We believe that through the cross we have been completely and permanently reconciled to God. His favor is towards us: it’s a gift, neither earned nor deserved; there is nothing we can do to make him love us more, nothing we can do to make him love us less; and guess what – he even likes us! Because of this favor we live in constant expectation of good things for ourselves and for one another, living in confidence and generosity towards all men. Because of the riches of the grace he lavished upon us, we exercise grace to others. We pray for the sick, expecting them to get healed. We command blessing, expecting to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. We share stories and testimonies, expecting to partner with God to see his kingdom advance.

Identity – Sonship

We believe that we are saved into sonship – our adoption in Christ cancels out the past and makes us forever royal sons and daughters, living in the profound love, favor and acceptance of our Father in heaven. We are sons who do not need to perform or please men, but who prosper and serve joyfully in our Father’s business. We have access to intimacy with God, every blessing in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to change our world. We dream big because our status is secure and our hearts are aligned with our Father, who loves to partner with us. We belong to one another as part of a family destined to bring blessing to every other family on earth. We are free to risk and even fail, because we are growing into the likeness of our big brother – when he appears we will be like him. We are kind and generous, hope-filled and courageous, shifting atmospheres wherever we go. We don’t entertain thoughts about ourselves or about one another that are not in the mind of our Father but we see His kingdom and help to bring heaven to earth.


We believe that our birthright as sons and daughters is to know and be known intimately by the awesome Creator of the universe. We carry his Spirit within us and so we don’t want to talk about him as if He is not in the room. We set ourselves, individually and corporately, to worship the one we know and love – love is the basis of our connection. We have huge respect for the Scriptures that reveal what God is like, but we read the book because we love and know the author, not as an end in itself. Intimacy requires time and focus. We love to worship together, believing that we are unified through the Spirit we all share. We are a profoundly joyful people because we live in his Presence where there is fullness of joy. We expect his pleasure when we draw near to him and anticipate heaven as a marriage feast of which we get a foretaste in the here-and-now.


We choose to live in a culture of honour that sees every person as God sees them and relates to them on the basis of their eternal destiny and calling, rather than past performance or current limitations. This means taking the grace that we have all received and extending it outwards to other people, even if they are not yet believers and brothers. We can honor all men. As freedom is the goal of God’s love for us, we will not control or manipulate others, though we might need to have some honest and vulnerable conversations so that we can all grow and mature. We see ourselves as powerful people, and will not enable victimhood in others. Knowing that we need one another, we seek to find the treasure and identify and submit to the anointings in those around us. We honor the gift of leadership, along with all spiritual gifts, but we have a non-hierarchical culture which trusts in God’s ability to use or speak through anyone. We see purpose for everyone. We love diversity and we value every member of our community, regardless of age, race, gender, class or culture. We are a kingdom of royal priests, free to be different and to make a difference in our world.


We believe that we are created for love – it’s both a noun and a verb, who we are and what we do. It’s more than a choice, it is also a desire – a desire to be like our heavenly Father and to connect intimately with one another. Love desires (practical!) good for those around us – it’s the basis of our community and our attitude to the world around us. Love can be tough; it is certainly empowered – empowered to drive out fear, break down walls, protect what we value and serve the kingdom. We believe that love looks like something – it looks like generosity and adoption and trust and care and vulnerability. Love is free and never coerces or manipulates. Freedom is the goal of God’s love for us and we want nothing less for those around us.


We believe that we are royal sons and daughters, empowered to serve one another and the world around us. We are an engaged community. We host in our own homes and have a heart for hospitality on the Hillside campus, which is our church “family space” where we hold meetings, training courses, events, conferences and just plain fun! We care for individuals in need in practical ways and also by creating a healing environment with room to grow. We pastor people for their destiny and wholeness. We believe in the priesthood of all believers, so there is no hierarchy of those who are released to serve and we expect all our members to grow from dependency to generativity – the capacity to give and to bless others. We minister to empower people to bring heaven to earth in their direct spheres of influence. We expect many ministries to be birthed and sustained out of our sonship identity – no performance, just sharing the love of our heavenly dad.


We believe that our mission as a church is to participate in the great and glorious Missio Dei – the mission of God to restore and redeem his creation. When the king comes he will bring heavenly justice which is more than retribution, but includes healing and putting to right everything that is wrong. We have a positive eschatology – we have hope for our nation and our planet to get better as the sons of the kingdom learn to rule and reign in every sphere of life. God’s mission is the extension of his family and so salvation is obviously a huge part of this. But it only starts with salvation – those who are redeemed become the ones who “build up the ancient ruins…raise up the former devastations…repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.” We believe that we are authorised by heaven to shift atmospheres and to partner with God to announce and demonstrate his coming kingdom, bringing hope and change to a broken world. Part of our corporate mission is that every individual also has a mission – so we coach, encourage, enable and connect people with others who can help them to achieve their mission. Beyond the individual, we partner with like-minded people both inside and outside Hillside to impact our community.