Uncovering joy

God is taking us on a journey of discovery – into deeper realms of his Presence and uncovering the treasure he has already placed within us. This Sunday Luke and the encounter team helped us to push into joy. Afterwards, Greg Lee described it like this: it’s like when you are driving through town and you hear the distant beat of a sub-woofer on the taxi ahead. As you draw closer the sound is louder, more invasive. As you draw alongside it’s right there, so close you could touch it. Then the taxi door opens, the people spill out and you are right into the middle of experiencing the music – it’s wild, crazy – it overwhelms you! That’s like God’s joy inside of us – it’s already there – we are just not in touch with it, we are unaware of it. But as God draws us closer, as He peels back the layers of dullness, resistance, distraction – whatever He’s doing with us, it’s exposed, it’s wild, it’s crazy, we experience the joy that he has already put inside of us. Like onions, we are all in different stages of unpeeling but His joy is constant – it’s in us, we just have to discover it.