The Promise of the Kingdom

Jesus announced that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. This is about much more than going to heaven when you die – it was about bringing heaven’s justice to earth, the restoring of all things. Jesus is the risen King who is going to make all things new. When we hear this promise of the kingdom, it will bear abundant fruit in our lives as we become channels of heaven’s restorative justice to our world – to individuals, to families, to businesses, industries and whole nations. How is it that many of us fail to see the reality of this worked out? We know the theory, but the experience falls short. Jesus tells us in the parable of the sower and the seed that this promise can fall short for a number of reasons. If we fail to understand the message through hardness of unbelief, the promise will be unfruitful. If we understand it but fail to wrestle with the promise until it takes root in our life, it will be unfruitful. If we fail to reign over our lives in the freedom that Jesus has won for us, then the thorns will grow and choke the promise. But if we attend to these things, then abundant fruitfulness is certain.

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