As members of Hillside we are generous in our giving which is an expression of our worship and a way we honour what God is doing in our midst.  We also understand that God has called us to be a blessing to our community and a resource centre both locally and beyond. We are a tithing church – we have no assets or investments beyond the local site that you see and the tithes of our members sustain all the ministry which operates from this base.

Hillside Church Tithes

This is our main account for tithing and giving offerings. Standard Bank, Hillcrest Branch (045726) Current Account 052021645

Hillside Building Fund Account

We are commited to hosting our community well and we have a dedicated fund towards providing great facilities. All donations to the Building Fund should be paid into the Current account  052021645 and marked BUILDING.


iKusasaLethu is a programme committed to seeing the lives of the children in South Africa positively impacted and their destinies restored. IKusasaLethu is a registered Non-profit organisation – registration number 123-446 NPO. The bank account is in the name of iThembalethu Hillside, Standard Bank, Hillcrest Branch (045726) Current Account 058098992.


Embo Feeding Scheme

We support a significant number of orphaned children and their caregivers on a weekly basis. Reference Embo on your deposit to support this work! Standard Bank, Hillcrest Branch (045726) Current Account 052021645  (Ref: Embo)