Exploding blue boxes

Some churches have flower arrangements in the Sunday sanctuary. I am so glad that we have blue boxes – exploding blue boxes! If you weren’t there to see them, let me explain.

It’s a prophetic vision: “I saw multiple blue boxes with the lids ‘exploding’ off them. The exploding open boxes was like there was a supernatural removal of hindrances. Ensuring that there is no ceiling, no lid, no limit on God’s love, blessings and provisions. Revealing open doors and ushering in a transformational revelation of his unending love and goodness.”

I love that we have “seers” who see into the supernatural realm to describe what God is doing. I love that we also have creative artists who can turn the prophetic vision into a 3D tangible installation (hence the boxes.) And we also have scribes, who can interpret and record:

Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
Do not conform but reform:

Reformat your hard drive.
Make the neural pathways come alive.
Make a new space in an old place –
reboot your brain.
Organize a little prison break from fear and anxiety.
Risk a little variety.
Explode your regular nicety.
Break out of all your boxes,
your rules and orthodoxies.
You could even relax your orthopraxis.
Butt your head against ceilings of conformity,
railings of religiosity –
convince your grey matter to scatter caution to the winds!

Do not think more highly
And do not sink more lowly
than His thoughts, His wild extravagant thoughts about you:
thoughts of generosity;
plans of glory-osity;
plans to love and cherish,
to prosper and inherit
every good gift prepared for you beforehand
from the Father of lights.

Do not limit His good intentions
with preconceptions or pretensions.
Sweep unbelief under the carpet,
or maybe right out of the door.
Worship with abandon.
Turn and place your hand on
someone who needs a jumpstart,
a healing or a new heart.
Let the Spirit flow.
Let Him blow your mind with thoughts of loving kindness.
Let Him blow your fuses with power and love that oozes from every pore until
you’re pouring out His goodness on all of those around you.
Let Him spill His light into a dark and needy world.

It’s time to break out, shake out,
Stake-out a claim for all of Heaven’s promises
Right here,
Right now.

And I love that we have crazy love-sick worshippers to respond to all of the above.