Heritage day celebration for: “Young People for Change”

A huge thank you to Mr Price and our sponsors for making this Heritage day so special for us at “Young People for Change”. Your contribution and support meant so much to us.
Mr Price surprised us with an amazing prizes of soccer kits and t-shirts, we were filled with joy and happiness and also we had Miss Nqobile who came to share her experience when it comes to acting and stage play, our children were very happy to have her. My children are growing in numbers and I am hoping in that in the future we are going to have our own place to meet as a family.
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Thanks be to God.
Kind regards

Hillside on Fire – Prophetic word

Every time I’ve thought about Hillside for the past few weeks I’ve seen this same picture of tall, green grass that is on fire but not burning up. The flames are burning high and in the centre around each tall stalk of grass the flame is burning blue.

When I look at the whole picture .. there is a whole hillside of this grass that is alight
and even as I wrote the world ‘hillside’ I started to laugh … Hillside is ablaze.

I believe God is taking this family of healthy growing people and His fire is about to blaze in a supernatural way.

I see a couple of things in this picture. Firstly – Historically, God speaks out of burning bushes that are not burning up. Speaking of Moses…

“When he saw this, he was amazed at the sight. As he went over to have a closer look, he HEARD THE LORD SAY. ”

People are going to be amazed at the sight of what is happening in us as church. Both within and without the church … people are going to come for a closer look and they are going to HEAR. Hear the voice of God calling out salvation … identity … calling … destiny.

I Googled the blue flame … and a flame burns yellow when the soot in the flame is burning. But when the flame gets hotter gas molecules are burning rather than soot. Very hot gas molecules glow blue.

Very hot SPIRIT molecules glow blue! I’m not completely sure of what this means but there is such a purity in the picture. What is burning is not the soot or dross of human effort
It’s the unseen …  the Spirit … who is alight in each person and generating heat and light.

It’s counter-intuitive … a hillside of green grass burning. What God is about to do may not make sense or follow the patterns or natural progression that we may expect. But as a result it will not be temporary. Dry grass burns up … the fuel of this fire will never burn up. The Hillside is ready, the fire is coming.
Sue Lee

Washed up on the shores of Hillside

We received an email from Theresa van Staden recently;

About this time two years ago God washed us up on the shores of Hillside Church. We were at the darkest point of our journey with our daughter’s illness and had lost all hope.  We believed God had abandoned us and only came to church out of obligation.  Then in April 2015 God send someone to pray for our child and she was instantly healed.  We then started the long journey of emotional healing and this is where Hillside has been awesome.  Every sermon, song and human contact showed us God’s grace, His abundant and never-ending forgiveness, the fact that ALL was done at the cross.  You guys have created an atmosphere in the church that is warm and accepting and loving and gentle and kind.  God has now lead us further on His journey for us and we are moving to Atlanta, USA.  I’m praying He will lead us to a church EXACTLY like Hillside, but then, maybe He has other plans for us.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

Theresa van Staden

P.S – Before I send this:  The worship teams have deeply touched my spirit and heart.  The Holy Spirit sings through you.  Thanks!!!!

God is amazing and He knows us and what we need. We also have such an amazing community of people here. Don’t miss out on it. We have a family picnic happening this Sunday. Hope to see you there.

Weenen Outreach

Ephesians 1 v 11 says: “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him, who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.”


Today I want to highlight that nothing with God is a coincidence. He has carefully orchestrated our path and He calls us to just step out in faith and love, and He will allow His plan to unfold perfectly.

2 weeks before we went to Weenen on the outreach trip, I asked God to give me an image of why I was going and what He wanted from me. He gave me an image of a lady lying in a bed, clothed in black, who was sick. I laid hands on her and prayed for her healing.

A few days before the Weenen trip I attended the Arrows course at Hillside with Seth Dahl and there I met some ladies who had come from Wellspring church in Weenen to attend the course. Stacy Beery introduced me to them and explained that we would be visiting their church in a few days time on our outreach. One lady called Freda stood out for me in particular and I briefly chatted to her. At Arrows we also saw God heal people of various physical ailments (including legs growing where people had one leg shorter than the other!) and this served to increase my faith and get me even more excited for the weekend ahead in Weenen.

A few days later we went to Wellspring church in Weenen and prayed with some of the people who attend that church. In the meeting God highlighted a young girl to me called Tabs, and I went and prayed with her. She happened to be Fredas daughter! We were asked to break into ministry groups of 4 and I asked Freda to please join Nathan Venter, Tyron Woods and I. I never knew then that Freda would be the person to lead us to the sick lady that God had shown me.

The 4 of us went into town and chatted to various people about God, about their lives and prayed with them. Some had health issues, some were unemployed, some were plagued by evil spirits. We saw people overcome with the Holy spirit, laughing with joy, being freed of pain, walking without using their walking stick and being encouraged by God. God’s power and love were truly amazing! We then left the town on a mission to enter homes and try to find the sick lady.

Freda took us to a house where her friend Sandra lived, who had recently lost her husband. We prayed for her broken heart to be healed and soon discovered she also had pain in her back. We looked at her legs and saw that one was a bit longer than the other, which often causes back pain. We prayed for her leg and it grew in front of our eyes! She was overcome with tears of joy as she thanked us for coming and for praying. As we left we asked if she knew anyone who was sick and she named two ladies who are sisters in the next road, called Dolly and Theresa.

We arrived -unannounced- at their house and explained we wanted to pray for them and they welcomed us in. Dolly told us she had depression and diabetes and other problems that doctors could not diagnose, and her sister Theresa had diabetes and kidney and bladder problems. They weren’t in a bed though, and I asked God- is one of them that lady Lord? Dolly then told us her story and said she had been ill for many years and was BEDRIDDEN on and off over the years. Yes this was her!


We all laid hands on Dolly and prayed and spoke God’s love and life over her. She had the hugest smile on her face as her depression, pain and the cloud of sadness lifted off of her. Her whole face seemed to light up. Nathan opened all the drawn curtains in the house, put on worship music and the Holy Spirit shifted the whole atmosphere in their previously dark and heavy home. We prayed for her sister, Theresa, who eventually stood up declaring in her quiet and elderly voice that she was healed, with her hands raised in the air like a little girl, with a big smile on her face. We told them that God loved them so much he had sent us all the way from Durban to pray- especially for them! At the end of the visit we were all overcome with joy and the 4 of us stood laughing out loud with two old ladies in their humble home, with worship music playing in the background. I looked around and was blown away by God’s faithfulness and love. I was encouraged and in awe of how His plan had unfolded right before our eyes. What a privilege to be a part of that!

In closing I want to leave you with Psalm 139 v 15-16. My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

God has a beautiful plan for your life and is directing your every step.


Weenen Outreach Trip

Here are some treasure maps I got when I prayed about the Weenen trip.

1)      God showed me a guy with a blue and red cap and blue or red shirt.

2)      A lady with a purple top that had pain between the top of her head and neck.

3)      A house/building with number 10 on it.

Some highlights:

  • We set off on our trip and when we arrived at the Weenen Nature Reserve I notice the security guard had a blue cap with red writing on it and a blue shirt.

I then said to God please give me a word for this man.

God told me to encourage him and tell him that God is his hope and I gave him the scripture Philippians 4 v 6 “Do not be anxious about anything ….”

I then proceeded to tell him that God wants his family to prosper and he mustn’t be anxious-The guard was totally blown away and said that the word made sense. Gary then prayed for him and his face lit up with Joy. Later the next day when we returned from the Weenen outreach he stopped us at the gate and said he can’t believe what I said and knows that Jesus  is going to bless him.

2) We went ministering in the streets and prayed for several business people. A bit later Pumi (our translator) said she felt burdened to go and pray for the staff at Haviland Clinic. Pumi said it is a lovely clinic with lovely staff but she felt there was a problem with the management and said there is an evil force that hinders the staff fulfilling their potential. We proceeded to the clinic and she managed to get 3 staff members together in one of the consulting rooms. God gave me a picture of pitch black clouds and God was breaking this oppression and lightning came through the clouds and left a silver lining with the sun’s rays shining through. The evil spirit had been broken and there was freedom. Several people prayed and the staff were smiling and said that they felt a release in their spirits. When we were leaving Gary , Struan and Miles lagged behind and Struan , Gary and Miles turned around in the driveway facing the building and the Struan said there seems to be a big dark cloud that was over the clinic Struan did not know what went on in the consulting room (only Gary was in the consulting room). Struan was praying for a women somewhere else in the clinic and by the way she got healed. The three of them prayed again for that oppression in that place to go in the name of the Jesus.

One of the translators then asked if we could go to the taxi rank as some people there had asked for prayer. We then proceeded to the Rank and I saw a lady with a purple top. I went straight up to her and asked the translator to find out if she has any pain. This lady proceeded to tell him that she had a terrible headache and tooth ache.

We prayed for her and she felt better instantly. After that we turned around to go back to the car and one of the vendors called us back to pray for him. We prayed for a couple of other business people a guy in particular said all his family members had all died and he was trying to make a living. We told him to be thankful and thank God for his business every day and to ask God to send him customers and that he would sell out of his stock. After we prayed and opened our eyes 4 customers were lined up to buy his stock!!!!

  • It was nearing 13H00 and I said to Gary we still haven’t found No 10?? On our way back from the taxi rank I asked if we could check if there was a number 10 on the buildings were there were several businesses. What do you know as we are driving I saw the number 10 and said we have to get out.  I asked the translators with us to pray and ask God for a word.  We got to the business and there was a number of people sitting inside. The translator told the people that we were from the church doing ministry. One man said he had a bad headache so we proceeded to pray for him. He said he began to feel better and then I asked the translator if he knew Jesus. He said he had heard of him. So I asked the translator to check with him if he wanted to receive Jesus into his heart? He said he did. The translator then led him to say the sinners prayer.  After he had prayed he was smiling from ear to ear. We could see he had an encounter with the King of Kings. We told him where the church is and encouraged him to attend . He said he would. We then prayed for a couple of other people some had sore legs and backs. They all said they felt better after we had prayed.

There was a man with a squash box and Gary asked him to play us a song.  He started singing and the translators told us that he was saying that he is losing weight and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with him. Gary prayed for him and encouraged him to sing a joyful song. He then said to Gary that Gary must sing a joyful song. The only Zulu song I could think of on the spur of the moment was “Singa bahambayo thina kulomhlaba siyekaya, ezulweni…. They all joined in with us and were clapping and dancing. We had a mini church service in this little building. The whole atmosphere shifted as the people broke out into songs of Joy.

All in all what a fantastic time with so many miracles. What a Great God we serve. Karolyn

Testimony from Kids Ministry

We had an encounter space where we invited children to take the hand of Jesus and allow Him to take them to the Father. We walked with Jesus down a long garden path towards a garden Gazebo where Father God was waiting. After spending time looking at Father God, His face, His smile etc, we invited children who wanted to, to move towards Him and allow Him to speak to them, show them things and maybe even take them somewhere. One child said he saw he saw tears in Gods eyes and when he asked Him why He was crying God told him they were tears of joy because He was so happy he had come!
One little boy asked Father God to take him somewhere and they went to Heaven together. He said when he looked into Gods eyes he saw his own name written there. God told him He would love him all his life and always be near when he wanted to be with him.
One child saw angels linking arms along the edge of the path as she walked, celebrating her arrival! God had smiley eyes and reached out so she could climb onto His lap.


Letter to Hillside

It’s taken me almost a year to the day to be able to sit down and finally write this letter – whilst I had the most amazing, intimate encounter with the Lord that night in ICU – it was also THE scariest, most terrifying experience of my life. I’ve tried several times in the past to sit down and write and thank you, but the memory of that night was still so strong that I would end up shaking and in tears, so I’ve had to wait.

I found out later that an Addisons crisis is a medical emergency and can often be fatal if not diagnosed properly – all I knew that day lying in bed, is that I could feel my body slowly shutting down, that there was an aura about me that I recognized intuitively from being at the death bed of many patients in the past – I didn’t fully understand why – but I knew beyond a certainty – that I was dying, I could feel my Spirit hovering above my body, and in fact, I seemed to be floating by the ceiling and could see my body lying in that bed. At the same time, I could hear the nurses shouting at me as I drifted in and out of consciousness. It was the strangest sensation feeling my Spirit detach from my body, only to be slammed back down into it as they pushed medication into the drip, that’s when I cried out to the Lord, asking Him for help, and that, Gary, was when you came into the room…..

I wish I possessed the words to describe adequately what you looked like as you entered the room – firstly you weren’t walking 0 you seemed to float in – and the presence you possessed – God’s presence – was so strong that my first thought was “oh wow look, an angel!!!” And the next thought was “oh heck if it’s an angel then I’m doomed-gulp”.

I looked around to see if any of the nurses had seen you and one walked straight past you without even so much as glancing in your direction. Then you looked at me – man your eyes were like laser beams – I don’t know how else to describe it, but it was like intense beams of white light that came down through the roof and through your eyes – heard the Holy Spirit say “This is what Paul looked like”. I knew He was referring to the absolute intensity and power of God’s presence and not the physical appearance. During this time I was able to talk to the Holy Spirit as if having a conversation with a friend, I would ask Him something and He would respond in words immediately. I’ve never heard Him that clearly before ever – and yet I know that the barrier between the Spiritual world and physical one is reduced with people when they near death and at birth. I’d seen it in dying patients before, it was awesome to hear the voice of the Lord so clearly! You greeted me and told me I didn’t want to be here, did I? I remember shaking my head. What’s weird is that Jeni tells me later that you reported that I never opened my eyes once? So how was I able to watch you as you prayed?

That prayer was the most powerful prayer of my life, you told me that this was the healing point, that I was not to be afraid of the refining fire that this was, and then proceeded to deal with some hard issues. You told me that I had cowered in fear before man for too long, and not to be worried about what people thought. As you said that, I FELT a tugging and pulling as my lower spine straightened, whilst you were praying I asked the Lord what was going on with the spine – He told me (I was somewhere able to hear both you and Him simultaneously and not lose any of what was being said) that my lower spine had been crunched down, in tail-tucked-under position, and had become stuck in that position due to the marriage I had been in and that He was healing it. I literally felt it straighten and lengthen and a new sensation of being braver and more “grounded” if that makes sense. So He healed me of that trauma. You also quoted Jeremiah 29:11 – The Lord has given me that verse over and over again during this period of illness – the amazing thing was – as you said the word “future” I had a vision: I saw Jacques and I standing next to each other, married, with Chloe (my daughter) standing in front of him with his left arm around her, and a tiny new-born in my arms. When I gotten so sick I had had to give up any dreams of having more kids, so that brought SUCH hope for us and our future. It also confirmed for me with absolute certainty too that the Lord had chosen us for each other and that He had the most awesome future planned for us 7 Months later we were married.

You also told me that one day I was going to be speaking at a seminar and that you were going to be there – that gives me hope that one day I may be able to share my story with someone who will benefit from it….

You ended by saying that this night was going to be a rough one but to hang in there and that God would be working with me on and off throughout the night…how right you were…

I needed those prayers and that vision, that night was one of the roughest of my life. I was not where I needed to be with God, and He took me through each aspect of my life, dealing with issues one by one, sometimes offering clarity and explanation, sometimes reproof. Interspersed with that my body kept trying to part with my Spirit. Three times that night I felt my heartbeat slowing and the machines starting to alarm loudly above me and the Lord waking me with the urgent words “FIGHT DAUGHTER”…. Each time I had to force myself to take the next breath in. The sister in charge of me that night swore several times as the alarm sounded… it’s never a good thing when the ICU nurse looks at your cardiac monitor and swears LOL….

So the Lord got me through that night, but if it hadn’t have been for your visit and the time you took to pray with me, I know I would never have had the strength to fight through it. So thank you, thank you so much…..


Gary is just a regular Hillside member who believes in the supernatural kingdom of Heaven being with us right now. He had played soccer that night and came home to have dinner and connect with a neighbour and friend who had asked for help with their son. This is his story: ‘We sat down to eat and enjoy a glass of wine, when my wife Angie told me a close friend’s sister was dying in ICU and she had a young daughter. I said to our guest that I was sorry but I needed to go. I asked Angie to send me her name and some description of what she looks like as I was going. She did and I had no plan or ideas simply that this was not what God will for this lady. I have no healing ministry or special gift, I am just a man who believes enough to take action where I can and bring the restoration Jesus said is ours. After seeing the lady and praying for her, I heard she was discharged in the next day or two. My wife Angie went to see her to help too, and this is a letter she received from the lady.


Letter to Angie Steyn

By the time you saw me I was a complete wreck, I understood that God had promised healing and was trying to take hold of it with both hands, but the signals my body was sending me screamed at me that I was NOT healed, far from it. I was trying soooo hard to have faith and believe and block out what my body was telling me… but with blood sugars violent enough to leave me sweating and shaking, I felt my faith dim and begin to crumble…. Once again I cried out to the Lord and He answered… ‘With you’‼

You came in all calm and assured and proceeded to give me such wise, sound dietary advice (which helped so much by the way) but more than that, the spiritual advice you imparted hit me square between the eyes. The whole time you were talking the Holy Spirit was almost nodding in the corner agreeing with you. I SO appreciated that you both took the time out – with two littlies to sort out – to come and help me – a total stranger.

I wish I had the words to say other than thank you, they seem so inadequate. Between the pair of you and the awesome grace of God, you helped me through the most intense experience of my life and I will be forever grateful…

With gratitude

Annie (Skea)

Our Good Father. A testimony.

Clive Wilson shares his testimony on how good our Father is. The thing is, it’s available to you too!