What do we believe about Hillside?

Steve Backlund, who ministered so powerfully to us in November says that what we believe is, most often, more important than what we do - because what we do will consciously and unconsciously … Read more

The King is coming

Preaching a series on Jesus as prophet, priest and king has had its challenges: Jesus, the High Priest who identifies with all our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15), is very comforting. We love that Jesus … Read more

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Give me also springs of water

I was sitting in a worship meeting recently, soaking in His Presence, when a snatch of a musical interlude took me right back to the 70s. I was born again into the crazy charismatic house church movement in U.K. At 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon Richard would load up his aged Triumph 2000 with as many students as we could squeeze into it and trek the twenty miles from Oxford to the Cotswold blanket town of Witney. The students were dispersed upon … [Read More...]