The King is coming

Preaching a series on Jesus as prophet, priest and king has had its challenges: Jesus, the High Priest who identifies with all our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15), is very comforting. We love that Jesus … Read more

Uncovering joy

God is taking us on a journey of discovery - into deeper realms of his Presence and uncovering the treasure he has already placed within us. This Sunday Luke and the encounter team helped us to push … Read more

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Exploding blue boxes

Some churches have flower arrangements in the Sunday sanctuary. I am so glad that we have blue boxes - exploding blue boxes! If you weren't there to see them, let me explain. It's a prophetic vision: "I saw multiple blue boxes with the lids 'exploding' off them. The exploding open boxes was like there was a supernatural removal of hindrances. Ensuring that there is no ceiling, no lid, no limit on God's love, blessings and provisions. Revealing … [Read More...]